Of course Kopimism, as a religion, is against violence. But more importantly Kopimism is against ignorance. Ignorance is the gateway drug to violence. Once you get a taste of that sweet stupidity it's hard to get away.
Kopimism accepts everyone and you can even continue to be your current religion and also be a Kopimist. There is nothing in our rules that stops you and probably nothing in your rules either.
It is the sharing of information that made humans as good as we are now and Kopimism is about that. Sharing and making us all better. That's something we can all agree on.

אודות mazanga

Mazanga Von Badman @mazanga Terra Incognita קופימיזם ישראל Ctrl ה Ctrl ב Kopimisim . "Everybody has something to hide, except for me and my monkey" http://mazanga.blogspot.com/ http://kopimism-il.blogspot.com/ https://kopimism.wordpress.com/

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